Wedding Chapel
County Chapel

The County Clerk Division’s staff and volunteers perform civil marriage ceremonies by appointment at the County Chapel located at:

555 County Center, 1st Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063

A County Deputy Marriage Commissioner can perform a civil marriage ceremony by appointment in the County Chapel. The Chapel can be reserved for ceremonies Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) at 10 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Spanish-Language Ceremonies must be scheduled by calling our office at 650.363.4000 (ext. 6063) to ensure the availability of a Spanish speaking officiant.

Witness Required for Ceremony: Minimally, one witness for the betrothed couple must be present for a public license ceremony. No witness is required for a confidential ceremony.

Reserving the County Chapel includes the officiant for the ceremony. You must use the County’s officiant in Chapel ceremonies and you must call to pay for your ceremony at least one week prior to your appointment.

Couples holding their ceremony in the County Chapel may choose to broadcast the ceremony to friends and family over the internet. There is a high-definition camera installed in the chapel which will stream your wedding anywhere in the world to your virtual guests. Your guests can view your ceremony on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop/desktop personal computer. Couples who choose to broadcast their wedding online will receive a complimentary copy of their wedding ceremony on DVD. Its beautiful cover is customized with your names and wedding date. The DVD is provided to the couple immediately after the ceremony.

Note – you may want the DVD of your ceremony and opt to not broadcast the ceremony over the internet. This is fine. The fee remains the same.

Please remember – you must obtain a marriage license prior to your scheduled ceremony.

The cost for a ceremony in the County Chapel is $65.00.
To stream your ceremony over the internet and receive the DVD is an additional $50.

To schedule an English-language ceremony, you may make a reservation by clicking here. If you wish to broadcast your ceremony over the internet, you must choose this option when scheduling your ceremony. You will be asked for email addresses of your family and friends where the email invitations to the wedding will be sent. The invitation will include the online link for your guests to view your wedding ceremony. After scheduling your ceremony, please call the Clerk division at 650.363.4000 (ext. 6063) to pay for your ceremony. Fees must be paid one week prior to your ceremony.

The fees for the ceremony and the optional web cam must be paid one week prior to the ceremony date by calling 650.363.4000 (ext. 6063). The email addresses for your guests to watch the livestream of your ceremony also must be submitted one week prior to your ceremony; you may edit your reservation to provide the email addresses. The fees are not refundable. 

Applying for a Marriage License Update an Existing Reservation Deputize Marriage Commissioner

Schedule a Civil Wedding Ceremony

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Civil Wedding Ceremonies are performed at the San Mateo County wedding chapel in Redwood City. Visit San Mateo County’s Online Marriage Ceremony Calendar to schedule.

Schedule a Civil Wedding Ceremony in the County Chapel